Importance of Different Types of Sauces in Indian Kitchens

Sauces are popular flavour enhancers that can be found in nearly every kitchen. From serving as a side condiment to flavouring ingredient in various dishes to being used as a marinade, there are a number of different types of sauces that cover a range of functions in the culinary world.

Indians, in particular, are extremely fond of layering flavours that complement each other and for this reason, you will nearly always find various types of sauces in an Indian kitchen.

So what exactly is the function of these sauces?

The most common, and important function is that they add flavour to our meals.

Imagine eating a samosa without a hearty helping of ketchup or tamarind sauce (imli chutney). It seems bland and boring; it seems incomplete. The ketchup or the tamarind sauce is what gives it the flavour packed punch which makes the samosa the beloved snack we all love.

In addition to this, different types of sauces have numerous other functions as well. Take a look:

  • Adds texture: Many sauces or pastes can be used to add a unique texture or base to the dish. Combinations of different textures are what make dishes intriguing and tie the flavours together. A popular example of this is the popular Indian ethnic ingredient - ginger garlic paste. This flavour packed paste not only forms the base for a number of popular Indian dishes and adds a rich, earthy texture to them, it also gives the food an enticing aroma.
  • Adds complementary flavours: As seen above, Indians are particularly fond of layering different flavours. For this reason, many Indian preparations are consumed with the addition of popular condiments like tomato ketchup, particularly with street food like french fries, samosas, kachoris and vadas.
  • Adds depth of flavours: Many sauces are used as ingredients in the cooking process or as marinades. Take for instance the Worcester Sauce; it is not only a popular ingredient used in the preparation of continental dishes, but is also used as a marinade due to its exotic and rich flavour which instantly adds a depth to the dish and brings out the natural flavours of the ingredients.
  • Adds a visual appeal: Visual appeal or appearance of the food is a huge factor in the popularity of the dish. Dishes with vibrant and fresh colours are instantly attractive and appealing. Chinese sauces like red or green chilli sauces are ingredients that work wonders in this regard by adding not just a punch of spice to the dish but also by imparting a wonderful bright sheen to the dish.

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