Must know cooking hacks for Indian Kitchens

The diversity of Indian food is unparalleled; the use of nutritious vegetables cooked using varied combinations of flavor rich spices bringing out different kinds of delicious tastes from the food. For those well versed with Indian cooking (or years of experience; think Mom) cooking Indian food is no big deal. But what about the newly independent young bachelors who find themselves fending for their own food, or working moms who have to juggle numerous tasks throughout the day leaving them only a sliver of time to put food on the table?

Well, no worries (or frantic last minute calls to mom with a thousand questions)! We've put together a list of 7 Must Know Cooking Hacks to help you navigate your way through your Indian Kitchen:

  • Don't skip the greens: Sprinkling salt on green leafy vegetables will help enhance the natural flavor of the veggies and keep the nutrients intact even after cooking.
  • Don't be salty: We've all been here. Meaning to put in a pinch of salt and accidentally ending up with a brine solution. Well if or when you do find yourself in this dilemma, don't fret; just add some raw cut potato. The potato will absorb up the excess salt and restore your preparation to its original tasty self.
  • The power of colour: One of the main distinguishers of Indian food is the vast range of gorgeous colors of the food. And keeping in tune with the popular practice of using all natural ingredients, it is no surprise that our food colors remain natural as well. For green, add some finely chopped or ground coriander to give your food a refreshing green colour. Alternatively use a half boiled beetroot for a red tint to your preparations.
  • Spice it down: Although Indian food is known to be "spicy", this doesn't mean we want steam coming out of our ears at every meal. If you find that your dish has become too spicy, an easy hack to it is to add a dash of curd to it, which will add a touch of mildness to the dish while keeping the spice flavors intact.
  • Avoid sticky situations: Ever tried chopping ladies fingers (the ever popular Bhindi) or small gourds and find your hand coated in a layer of slime? Well there's a way to avoid that and keep your hands and chopping board clean and slime free; just apply a dash of oil before chopping so the sticky residue doesn’t stain your hands or chopping board.
  • Everybody loves ginger: We all love that spicy zing of fresh ginger in our meals, be it a cup of tea or a yummy curry. A fool proof way to add a prominent hot gingery taste in your food is to peel the ginger before adding.
  • Don't waste that taste: The one true mark of an honest to goodness Indian kitchen is leftovers. There's always that cup full of curry sitting in the fridge waiting to be reheated. One easy and quick way to do this is to pour the leftover gravy into ice trays, and reheat the next day hassle free.

With these tips you will be able to sail through your Indian cooking like a pro. No more parcels or take outs!

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