Careers at Adinath Agro

At Adinath Agro Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd., we are always looking to hire the best talent in the industry to contribute towards the company’s growth. We ensure special attention to the training & development of our employees, giving them opportunities and experiences that will help them grow, both personally and professionally.

Explore job opportunities at Adinath Agro Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd. to gain exposure to the dynamic FMCG industry and get on board with an exciting career!

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Current Openings

Qualification : B.Tech Food / M.Tech Food

Experience : Minimum 5 year's experience in QA/QC Department in Food Industry.

Core Responsibilities :

  • Should play a crucial role in business by ensuring that products meet certain standards of quality.
  • He/She should plan, direct or coordinate quality assurance programs and formulate quality control policies.
  • Determining, negotiating and agreeing in-house quality procedures, standards and/or specifications.
  • Determining training needs to improve GMP, efficiency & conduct training wherever needed.
  • Maintaining QMS records as applicable & compliance with third party audit.
  • Implementation of Quality System FSSC 22000/HALAL/BRC

Qualification : B.Tech Food / M.Tech Food

Experience : Minimum 5 years’ experience in Production Department in Food Industry.

Core Responsibilities :

  • Looking for a person to drive continuous improvement and optimization of all processes.
  • He/She will oversee all daily operations of the plant from production and manufacturing to ensuring policies and procedures are followed.
  • Oversee employees, production and efficiency, to make sure the plant is running smoothly, quickly, efficiently and safely.

Core Responsibilities :

  • Plans and directs accounting activities within the Accounting Department by performing the following duties, personally or through supervision. Manages various General Ledger functions such as journal entry preparation etc.
  • Lead the company’s Month end close accounting processes including financial statement preparation, general account analysis, account reconciliation, bank reconciliation, prepaid income/expenses, and other accrual entries. Assists in the development and implementation of goals, policies, priorities etc
  • Procedures relating to financial management, budget, and cost allocation accounting. Supervises and participates in the preparation of various financial statements
  • Reports for both internal and external directors/auditors.
  • Oversees the government and private grant budget functions. Completion of budget proposals, grant financial reporting and support documentation, and other fiscal documents including budget modification, continued funding applications, contract renewal etc.
  • Directs the maintenance of general and subsidiary ledgers, accounts receivable, revenue distribution, depreciation, cost, property, and operating expenses, and insurance records. Provide oversight for accounts payable and accounts receivable with close attention to cash flow analysis and forecasting. Directs the installation and maintenance of new accounting, inventory, property, and other related procedures and controls to safe guard agency assets. Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Handling Internal and External Audit involving review of accounting and administrative controls.
  • Primary ownership of the company’s bookkeeping activities.
  • Perform the processing and recording of accounts payable transactions to ensure that all invoices are paid accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Provide support to vendors and staff for all accounts payable inquiries.
  • Help coordinate with Operations team to enter incoming Purchase Orders and creating Sales Orders.
  • Manage the processing and recording of all customers invoicing to ensure that all receivables are collected in a timely manner.
  • Assist with the development of departmental policies and procedures with a constant focus on continuous improvement.
  • Calculation of Monthly GST Liability, preparation of GST returns and monthly reconciliations.
  • Complete special projects as assigned

The role of an export sales officer is important for any organization to increase its profitability by broadening its horizons and reaching the customers from different countries. While doing so, they ensure that they retain the existing customers. Thus, the export sales officer responsibilities are of great significance when any business organization needs to expand its business, thereby increasing the profit margins.

Core Responsibilities :

  • Export sales officer is responsible for generating and enhancing the sales of the products in other countries.
  • They make sure that the products are made available in the international markets by analyzing the trends of the customers and developing sales plans and strategies to meet their needs.
  • The basic and the most important step is to identify new business opportunities by tapping the potential customers from different countries.
  • To plan, design, develop and implement different sales activities by researching the customer's needs and requirements.
  • To make sure that the existing clients are retained and maintained while developing the new customers.
  • To ensure that the all the sales and marketing activities are carried out within the agreed budgets, volume, sales, and within the given time scales.
  • To take initiative and efforts to develop constructive and effective solutions to any issues that slow down or hamper the export procedures and activities.
  • To constantly review distributor's performance and monitor their work, so that relevant information can be provided to the management.
  • Responsible for managing the sale of products or services to customers in other countries.
  • Develop knowledge of the cultural, business and political background of the countries, responsible for, together with an understanding of consumer tastes.
  • To look for new opportunities to sell to different international markets. Export sales officers build up and maintain good relationships with customers, agents and distributors.
  • To make & maintain all the documents related from every enquiry to the order dispatch.
  • Individual to be a resource, responsible to coordinate export trafficking functions, data entry, and document distribution duties associated with customer export shipments through BDP.
  • Order Processing: Receive documents and initiate logging process, confirm data received is in compliance with all Custom requirements, process all documents in accordance with requirements, coordinate cargo availability and arrange pickup and delivery, and finalize billing and distribute documents as required.
  • Shipment Status reporting: Review daily monitoring reports, ensure all measurements standards are met, and proactively report non-conformances.
  • Prepare export declarations and related Bills of Lading in Ocean Exports.

Core Responsibilities :

Planning And Production

  • Schedule, plan and monitor entire cycle of production which would include procurement of raw materials till the dispatch of finished goods
  • Plan production meetings, production activities, worker schedules, machine maintenance schedules etc
  • Maintains budgets
  • Responsible for plant production goals
  • Monitoring and oversee entire production plant
  • Ensure safety standards are being maintained and that workers are abiding workplace safety rules
  • Reduce setup times and lead times.
  • Cost reduction
  • Eliminate disruptions.
  • Make the system flexible.
  • Minimize inventory.
  • Eliminate waste
  • Standardization of operations to attain line balancing.
  • Devise and responsible for Machine layout and the multifunction worker for the flexible work force concept.
  • Produce products in Minimum lot sizes (small lot sizes) to minimize the variance in the consumption of various quantities of raw materials, parts, sub-assemblies in the production system. That is to maintain a constant rate of consumption.
  • Plan filling for the day and capitalize on cycle time
  • Maintenance of all the machines.
  • Follow up for indent from sales and admin and feeding same to production plan
  • To ensure strict adherence to quality for inward and outward materials
  • Ensure availability of spares and utility. Maintain regular preventive maintenance.
  • Ensure implementation of laws pertaining to labor
  • Maintain proper production records such as logbooks, machinery wise repair cost etc.
  • Identify and develop new techniques for production and machinery available.
  • Achieve efficiency in power and fuel consumption

Quality Control

  • Ensure that the product is meeting the level of quality demanded
  • Must investigate the root cause if quality is not met and procure a solution
  • Ensure new policies and programs are being followed
  • Inspection of finished product
  • Evaluate quality of delivered commodities; investigate complaints received on supplies and equipment, and takes appropriate actions to resolve identified problems
  • Quantity control, which enables the system to adapt to daily and monthly fluctuations in demand in terms of quantities and variety.
  • Capitalize on the quality assurance by preventing recurrence of defective works and machines
  • Prepare, obtain approval, issue and implement company quality control (assurance) program manual
  • To determine the causes of the product defects that maybe found
  • Ensure adequate corrective measures are implemented in case of non compliance
  • Recommend methods for minimizing scrap and materials during the production process
  • Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures

Quality Assurance

  • Setting QA compliance objectives and ensuring that targets are achieved
  • To assure that the raw materials procured for production process are as per the quality standards
  • Assessing the product specification of the company and its suppliers and comparing with customer requirements as given by the sales team
  • Working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers

Quality Check

  • To establish testing procedures to determine products dimensions
  • To inspect and test products at various stages of the production process
  • To assure that the production process is adhering to the quality procedures and standards and the finished products are as per the required quality
  • Act as liaison with regulatory agencies, contractors, subcontractors and/or internal departments on quality related matters as required

Documentation And Reporting

  • Collecting and analyzing performance data and charts against defined parameters
  • Providing with technical and management system reports
  • Manages the development and analysis of statistical data and specifications to determine present standards and establish proposed quality and reliability expectancy
  • Monitoring performance of the all products by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports
  • Preparation of material balance, recovery statement from time to time or achieving time recovery efficiency
  • Development of category process protocol , design and modifications

Team Management

  • Responsible for establishing all shift production schedules
  • Select and train plant supervisory and administrative staff.
  • Schedule and conduct plant meetings.
  • Foster a well-trained and motivated staff
  • Capitalizing on worker strength.

Co-Ordination & Dispatch

  • Provide daily feedback to HO regarding status of stocks of raw material, packaging material, materials in process & finished products
  • Ensure and drive that production schedule & dispatch of finished goods are as per timeline. Dispatch coordination with sales and admin.
  • Should deal with officials & statutory agencies
  • Coordination with various contractors

Operations At Factory Level

  • Manages the operations of an assigned production area to ensure that volume, cost, and quality standards are achieved.
  • Full responsibility and control over the plant operations including engineering, output, personnel, logistics and other commercial activities.
  • Responsible for Plants operating budget including managing and controlling expenditures and variances.
  • Ensures plant staff enforces Company policies and procedures including plant-wide safety rules and employee rules-of-conduct.
  • Ensure that quality standards and deadlines are met and quality controls are in place.