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About Us

Brand that won Hearts

The journey of Adinath Agro Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd began in the year 1989, with the promoters' first venture into the domain of food processing, using the moniker of Adinath Food Industries. Adinath Food Industries continues to be a part of the Adinath Agro family since September 2013.

Adinath Agro Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd is a privately held company which is primarily involved in the field of processing, marketing and exporting of assorted processed food products.

After a presence spanning over two decades, consistently superior quality of products and excellent customer service, Adinath Agro has made a place for itself in the hearts of numerous Indians, with its brands Surabhi and WiNN emerging as two of the leading brands for processed fruit and vegetable products.

Our Vision

To take our brands global with a wide range of superior quality products.

Our Mission

To provide complete customer satisfaction and maintain trust in the market with our excellent product quality and superior customer service.

Our Values

Trust : Implementing strict quality controls at every stage of operations to ensure that the consumer can always rely on our products.

Quality : Making sure the brand name resonates with quality and absolute value-for-money in the minds of our customers.

Dedication : Working towards creating a global presence in the food processing industry

Customer Focus : We ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers by providing excellent customer service.

Our Milestones

1989 - Set up the Company in Year 1989. | Started 1st manufacturing facility at Jejuri.

1995 - Started 2nd manufacturing facility at Jejuri.

2002 - Expanded the capacity and added tomato concentrate line.

2006 - Started aggressively marketing "Surabhi" as Retail Brand. | Sales team was hired to ramp up the sales.

2007 - Acquired new unit in MIDC and expanded new line of products.

2009 - Launched the Magic King brand for Tier II and Tier III markets.

2010 - 33 acres of land was purchased at Kolvihire, Jejuri for expansion of Greenfield project.

2013 - Won the D&B's Best Food Processing SMEs award in India. | Entered in Export Market.

2015 - Commercial production started at Kolvihire, Jejuri Facility.

2016 - Adinath Agro raised funds from Carpediem Capital and Infina Finance

2017 - Launch of new product "Mayonnaise"

Business Operations

The premier operations of Adinath Agro are the processing and manufacturing of various food products; Tomato Ketchup and Sauces, Chinese and Continental Sauces, Fruit Jams, Canned food, Pickles, Papads, among others.

These products are marketed under three major brands namely:

  - Surabhi brand for Indian markets.

  - WiNN brand for Global markets

Adinath Agro's operations span across both urban as well as rural areas. To ensure superior quality control, there are stringent quality checks carried out at every stage of operations. Adinath Agro, being an FSSC 22000 certified company meets the mark of premium quality specifications.

In addition to our dedication towards providing the best quality products to the markets, at Adinath Agro, we believe in complete customer satisfaction and have cultivated lasting and trustworthy relationships with both the consumers and retailers due to our committed attention towards providing excellent customer service.

Using strict quality control parameters at every stage of the operation, we assure our consumers that they can always place their faith in our products. Under WiNN brand, we aim to have a Global market presence with our wide range of superior quality products and emulate quality and absolute value-for-money for our customers.

Developing new and updating existing products is a continuous process. Every year we expand our range with new lines and product updates.

Production Facilities & Infrastructure:

We have manufacturing facilities located at Jejuri in Pune District of Maharashtra State at a distance of 160 km from JNPT port.

  • •   Land: 14,37,480 Sq. Ft
  • •   Built up area: 1,07,234 Sq. ft consisting of production, laboratory, R&D, and warehousing.

Facility Expansion:

In addition to an existing plant at Jejuri, Adinath Agro has developed a new, state of the art manufacturing facility nearby at Kolvihire, which has resulted in a two fold increase in the capacity of Tomato Ketchup and Sauces product lines. This was achieved by setting up an automatic plant of 4 MT/Hr, for which Adinath Agro had acquired 33 acres of Industrial land.

The company has also set up an additional backward integration plants for

  • •   Tomato Puree/Paste (Concentrate) having a processing capacity of 6 MT/Hr,
  • •   Wet Grinding Lines of 1.5 MT/ Hr,
  • •   Spice & Floor Mill of 0.5 MT/ Hr

These capacity expansions will enable the company to carry out strict quality control on input of finished products and have a higher finished product capacity, enabling us to spread out our sales and marketing network in other regions of India. Additionally, the company will also place focus on export.

Production Highlights

Adinath Agro's total installed capacity of major food items stood at :

  • Tomato Ketchup & Sauces : 21,600 MT/Annum
  • Canned food :1,350 MT/Annum
  • Fruit Jam : 600 MT/Annum
  • Pickles : 2,340 MT/Annum
  • Papad : 240 MT/Annum
  • Noodle : 240 MT/Annum
  • Mayonnaise : 3,300 MT/Annum
  • Other Food Items : 1,680 MT/Annum